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How Speedster uses location

How Speedster uses rider location information (iOS)

For Deliveries and Rides

Speedster uses your device’s location services to make it easier to get a safe, reliable ride whenever you need one. Location data helps improve our services, including pickups, navigation, customer support, and more.

If you’re using an iOS device, you have 3 location settings to choose from:

– Always: We may collect location information from the time you open the Speedster app until your trip or delivery ends or is canceled. This includes when your app is in the background.

– While using the app: We may collect location information when the app is visible on screen. If a feature needs your location in the background, we’ll ask for your permission. You’ll get a notice on screen if location is being collected in the background when you are in the “While Using” setting.

– Never: This option disables location services for the Speedster app. You can still use the app, but you’ll need to enter your pickup and dropoff locations manually. Location information will be collected from the driver during your trip and linked to your account, even if you have disabled location services for your app.

To manage location settings on your device:

1. Open your device’s Settings

2. Tap “Privacy,” then “Location Services”

3. Tap “Speedster”

4. Select “Always,” “While Using the App,” or “Never”

Sharing with Cities and Governments

In some instances, we’re required to share information about the trips taken and deliveries made on our service with cities, governments and local transportation authorities.

To meet these requirements, we collect geolocation and timestamp data from the vehicles on our platform.

This data provides cities with information on where each trip starts, stops, and the route taken on the trip. None of the trip data we provide to cities is collected from your personal mobile device or directly identifies you, but the trip data could be identifiable to you, with some effort. In such cases, we will inform you prior to the trip.

Note: There are special circumstances, such as preventing fraud and responding to safety incidents, where Speedster may collect background location for any rider in the “While Using” setting. A notice would appear in such a case.

We treat your location information in accordance with our User Privacy Notice.